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This SECTION of my Website is not for the Faint-at-Heart. Of the 7+ billion individual souls residing on this PLANE 99.9 % of them will either "not get" or even "entertain" the concepts on this page of the site.

For those Indoctrinated Masses, while you are certainly welcome to look through this information please be aware that if you have not read any of my books or have come to an understanding of the work your head might explode if you try to take in too much of this.




#1 WHAT IF we really could achieve 150 to 250 MPG (miles per gallon) or more with our existing Car, Van or Truck ?

This may not be so far fetched as you might think. I do believe that I have stumbled onto a concept that has considerable merit and deserves to be looked into. Feel FREE to do your own research here and to experiment (at your own risk) with any of the concepts that are mentioned.

This idea came to me after recently purchasing a Coleman Sportster 533 single burner camp stove. When I began my research into the choices of cooking in my Dodge Minivan for exploratory field trips, I looked at a number of possible applicants. The one that received rave reviews by a large number of existing users that met my needs came from the Coleman company. It was the 533 Sportster single burner unit. Like most things that I take the time to look into, I have a tendency to research them to death. This was NO exception. 

It turns out that the technique that The Coleman Company was utilizing with this little stove had been around since they invented the idea back in 1942. That was the year after the U.S. entered the second World War. It seems that the U.S. Military went to the Coleman Company to see if they could produce a compact, light weight stove that weighed less than 5 pounds that could burn multiple fuels and that had a high heat capacity that was self contained and could be easily carried in the field by a soldier. Coleman was given 60 days to design and produce such a unit and was given an initial order of some 5000 units if they could pull it off. 

Coleman not only met the challenge but actually exceeded it.

That concept that Coleman came up with in 1942 has been used by the company for more than 75 years and it is present in the little 533 model that I recently purchased.

You are probably wondering, assuming you are still with me on this journey, what this stove has to do with the topic at hand (150 to 250 MPG in our passenger vehicle). Be patient, ALL in due course !

When I first became aware of this little stove, one thing that came to mind initially that baffled me was this. WHY would Coleman connect the Brass fuel tube that went from the control valve to the burner RIGHT THROUGH THE FLAME ?  My first thoughts were that this was insane ! Would they do this to save the cost of a few inches of brass fuel line tubing and take the short cut across the Burner rather than the logical approach of running the line around the circumference of the burner and thus keeping the fuel away from the flame. Or could they not simply connect the fuel line to the same side of the burner that the control valve was on and thus keep the line away from the hot flame.

At first this bothered & baffled me........until.

Until I began to assimilate just how VERY Clever the Coleman Company was.

Most manufacturers look at burning fuel as burning the "Liquid" whether it be kerosene, gasoline, naphtha or whatever. But Coleman took the burning of fuel to a whole NEW level. They actually designed a BRILLIANT method of burning  ..................(weight for it)......................THE VAPOR. 

Yes, Yes, Yes. How clever is that !

By burning the vapor and not the liquid, several unique observations will be noted. First, the flame burns very efficiently with practically no incomplete combustion. Secondly it burns hotter with a much greater intensity. Thirdly it conserves fuel since it is the "Vapor" that is being burned and not the "Liquid" fuel.

OK, so Coleman did a wonderful job producing this very clever little stove. What has that got to do with the vastly improved vehicle mileage in your every day passenger vehicle ?


One of numerous character flaws which I seem to possess is one that not only allows me but actually seems to promote my visualizing an entirely different purpose for an object from that for which it was originally manufactured. That particular quirk has been with me from a very early age and instead of dissipating as the years pass it actually seems to multiply. Go Figure !

Anyway, a couple of days after purchasing my little Coleman multi-fuel single burner stove, I woke up one morning bright and early with an idea that just popped into my "country bumpkin" head. It was this.

What If that little stove that could produce 10,500 BTU's of heat energy and could also run (on low) for 8 1/2 hours on a half liter of fuel (either naphtha or standard unleaded gasoline) could serve as an efficient concept for the burning of fuel in an internal combustion engine.

Since burning the Vapor is so much more efficient, if we could do that in an automobile with control then the efficiency could be vastly improved (perhaps as much as 10 fold)

My idea is to interrupt the flow in the fuel line and extend a brass line that could coil around a heat source (say for instance the hot exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold or the hot fluid contained in the radiator) and then reunite with the carburetor or the injector system but now in a vaporized form.

Seems just too simple does it not ?

If you are a disbeliever then take a look at the work of a very clever Canadian Inventor by the name of Charles Nelson Pogue from Manitoba that was said to be able to achieve a fuel economy on a 1934 Ford V-8 flat head engine with his carburetor of some 216 miles-per-gallon. (In the 1930's)

WHAT IF folks......WHAT IF




WHAT IF we really don't live on a spinning Spherical Ball rotating at some 1038 miles per hour and hurtling around the Sun at 66.6 thousand miles per hour.

In January of 2016 my Indoctrinated thinking was as 99.9 % of the present day population believes. After all, we have been told by our Parents, our Grandparents, our Siblings, our Friends, our Teachers, our Government, and of course NASA that that is exactly what we reside on. NO Proof has been given mind you ! We are just supposed to "follow along" and believe that which the authority tells us. Just ACCEPT it.

In early January of 2016 as I stated, that is what I thought as well. Then something happened. I had spent an inordinate amount of time over a 3 month period at the end of 2015 studying everything I could about the Apollo  Moon Missions and I came away from that saturation of evidence that NO such event actually took place (that is a story for another day however). Those events are what prompted me to research and intensely investigate that which I had blindly accepted for my entire life; that our Earth was a spinning spherical Globe.

If you haven't read my first book (DECEPTION)2..........pronounced Deception Squared or my 3rd book "FLAT EARTH:are you serious" then it will be quite difficult for you to proceed much further. By-the-Way, I am not trying to sell you one of my books (well maybe a little). They are ALL available exclusively on Amazon.com for less than $20 for the Hardbound print version and for less than $10 for the eBook version. If you are like me and just a little "Frugal" you might consider requesting your own local library to bring in a copy that you could just borrow.

When I commenced, in early January 2016 to study everything I could find about the Globe, oddly enough even though I was admittedly biased in favor of the Globe model, I could NOT find any duplicate-able, repeatable evidence to truly support that model. But in fact for nearly 2 years to this present day writing here on my Website I have managed to stockpile almost 500 pieces of Solid , repeatable pieces of evidence to support the "Flat stationary Earth" model.

Obviously, I can not begin to cover that which I included in an entire book here on the limited space of this Website. Even if you don't acquire one of my publications, I would urge you to at least take a look at some of the work of Dr. Samuel B. Robotham or Mr. Mark Sargent or Mr. Eric Dubay. In my humble opinion they each have very credible efforts. The latter two authors are of our current times and the former author's writings were created in the 1860's with evidence that still holds true today.

If you are interested in a FREE Audio Book on the subject from a Biblical perspective, I highly recommend the work of Mr. Nathan Roberts who has a #1 Amazon Book entitled "The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth". I include the link in a Box below.

GOOD LUCK on your Quest !


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Patented 1892 Gleason Map

You may wish to look up this profound map online for yourself.

TheDoctrine of the Shape of the Earth - by Nathan Roberts

FLAT EARTH: are you serious

This is my 3rd published book.


This is my 1st published book pronounced Deception Squared.






 WHAT IF you could reverse your DIABETES even though your Doctor is telling you that "Once you have Diabetes you will always have Diabetes".

What would the knowledge of how to accomplish that be worth to you ?

Imagine having your LIFE back.

Imagine not having to take prescription medications any longer !

Imagine not having to take Insulin any longer !

I am here to tell you right here and right now from personal experience that Diabetes in most cases can be reversed.

Let me say this following disclaimer however. I am NOT a medical doctor and I am NOT giving any medical advice here. Please consult with your own medical professional before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

OK, now that  that is out of the way let me explain where I am coming from. 

I had occasion to be a caregiver for a loved one who had come down with Diabetes. She had never been ill prior to her health issues that crept in during her late fifties. None of her family had ever been diagnosed with Diabetes either. She was diagnosed and was given Metformin by her personal physician. We were informed that there was NO known cure for Diabetes at that time and that she would have to be on medication for the rest of her life. He explained that the best we could hope for was to be able simply to "Manage" the disease with Metformin and perhaps at some point insulin injections. From my research and studies, that approach from the mainstream medical establishment seems to be the "standard practice".

We simply could not accept that concept so we started to do our own extensive research into the matter. To distill that research down into something that can fit into this space what we discovered was that there were a handful of leading edge nutritional physicians that were obtaining amazing results with "PLANT BASED, WHOLE FOODS" as a dietary intervention. She was able to reverse her Diabetes in a matter of less than 3 months by her change in diet as attested to by the monthly blood tests that were given. Her Doctor remained skeptical even though the evidence was in hand from his own medical lab service.

It has been my experience that (with all due respect) most physicians after graduating with a 4 year medical university degree and an additional 3 years of residence that in the entire 7 + years training, their exposure to the power of Nature and the nutritional aspects of healing are sadly lacking. Their greater focus is on the Pharmaceutical aspect of the trade.

To get you started on your quest for the information that you must be craving, I am going to provide here several links to some very important discussions and documentaries from extremely knowledgeable medical people in the field. 

What will it cost you to look ?

NOTHING; but a small bit of your time.

What will it cost you if you don't look ?


or the LIFE of a Loved One






I truly HOPE that the information from these links and on the rest of my Website will be of immense help and benefit to you.

Let FOOD be thy MEDICINE &


                    .....................  Hippocrates 




WHAT IF there was a "Directed Energy" military grade technology that was so powerful that it was capable of starting Forrest fires or even more devastating able to destroy targeted buildings without even touching a tree or shrub.

How about literally setting a targeted giant tree on fire "BUT FROM THE INSIDE". 

If the thought of such a technology intrigues or scares you then have a look at this video link.


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WHAT IF we did't go to the Moon !

The Evidence is "Overwhelming"  if you have the Curiosity and the Courage to examine it.

The following video link is a BBC documentary that is so well done called......"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon".


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Looks a little frail, wouldn't you say ?

Fluttering Flag

How can a flag flutter in a Vacuum ?

No Dust or Debris

They must have sent the cleaning crew on ahead of the mission since the Lander Pod is pristine.

Moon Landing ?

Yea.... right !!!

Life Magazine cover.

Well, I guess they must have actually done it if it was in "Life Magazine" ............right ?

Converging Shadows

This suggests multiple light sources, not just the light from the Sun.


WHAT IF one day we could ALL travel as simply as this. NO FUEL, just being at "One-with-Nature".

Please click the link to see this little VW Bus running on SUN Solar power with ALL of the amenities that a family  would require. 

It is a thing of beauty if I have ever seen one !