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The Author, Barry Howard Begley, is now retired from a lifetime in the Electronics Industry and also from Real Estate investments in residential and commercial properties.  He has been bitten by the “writing” bug after having lost the “love of his life” in December 2013.  


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The TRUE Measure of a Friend

       The TRUE Measure of a Friend 

-When You believe that a man named Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon on July 20th, 1969  

-And I believe and offer proof that no such feat took place. 

-When You think the Earth is a “spherical ball”  

-And I feel that I can prove it is a “Flat” surface 

-When You say you can feel the earth move at some 1038 miles per hour   

-And I exclaim that the Earth is stationary 

-When You are certain that the Sun is 93,000,000 miles from Earth  

-And I purport that the Sun is less than 4,000 miles from Earth 

-When You say that the Moon is 234,000 miles from Earth  

-And I explain how I have measured it to be also less than 4,000 miles distant 

-When you think that the Polaris north star is some 4 quadrillion miles distant  

-And I have measured it to be less than 4,000 miles distant 

-When you are certain that the Earth revolves around the Sun  

-And I am equally certain that it is the Sun that revolves around the Earth 

-When you feel that Nasa and Scientists are correct that the sun is millions of miles in diameter  

-And I claim to have measured it’s diameter to be app. 32 to 35 miles 

-When you think JFK might have been killed by someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald 

-And I am convinced that the JFK assassination was a massive undertaking and coverup 

-When you think that the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic in 1912  

-And I believe that it was actually a sister ship, the Olympic that is at the bottom  

-When You are sure that JFK Jr. accidentally crashed his small private plane near Martha’s Vineyard  

-And I think JFK Jr. was actually murdered in a PsyOp carried out by gov’t/military  

-When You feel that Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade) is only usable for topical cleansing  

-And I feel that H2O2 is one of Nature’s most important molecules to humanity 

-When You state that a diet that consists of cooked meats & animal products is Healthy  

-And I believe with ever fiber of my being that a Raw, Live, Whole Food Plant Based diet is the ONLY sensible approach   

And yet we remain the “Best of Friends” despite our insurmountable differences. 

It is because of the fact that we each give permission for the other individual soul to have their own opinion even though we may disagree completely and vehemently with those thoughts.    

Kudos to YOU my Friend for having your OWN mind and convictions and for expressing them so well. 

It is a TRUE Measure of OUR friendship.   

Barry Howard Begley 

August 14th 2017  

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I am Presently working on a NEW Book that Hopefully will be published very soon.

It is entitled

TITANIC: Sunk or Switched

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

(DECEPTION)2 ---pronounced Deception Squared




While this Book may seem to some readers as representative of more ramblings than researches, I can assure you that a considerable effort has gone into the discoveries involved over a good many years.

The topics, while on the surface seem to hold No common denominator to each other, are intrinsically linked simply because of the Author’s interest. There is another area of commonality as well. That is the fact (as you shall see unfold) that in each of the specific chapters there is DECEPTION by the Authorities and a massive cover up of information either distorted from reality or simply not made available to the general population.

The Book is divided into SEVEN  chapters having no obvious relationship to the previous or following sections. Each is in reality a standalone piece of work and could be fleshed out into a separate book in and of itself. I have, however, tried to be brief in each area and thus provide to the reader a synopsis of the various topics in question.

The symbol on the inside cover <=> is, to coin a new phrase a “Symbolic Palindrome” in that it rings true when read in either direction. It is simplicity itself. Less Equals More.

It is my purpose in writing this book to be the catalyst that lights a fire under the butt of the reader, sparks their passion and hence causes them to immerse themselves at greater depth in the particular topic at hand. I wish merely for them to do their own research and come to their own logical conclusions. 

Do not believe that which I am spewing forth or anyone else for that matter without 


......................Barry Howard Begley July 2016


QUOTATIONS: from Paupers to Presidents



It has occurred to me on many occasions that there can be a potentially concentrated amount of wisdom stored up in a very few words in the form of a “Quote”. It is my purpose in writing this Book to avail the reader of the best of these kernels of wisdom in a form that is an easy read with functional access. There are 26 chapters in this Book, one for each letter of the Alphabet. That way the reader can effortlessly locate a suitable “Quote” from a particular Author. The eBook version of this Publication has a Hypertext cross reference link in the Table of Contents that will allow the reader to click on a Chapter and go automatically to that area. That should prove a great convenience for the reader. An attempt has been made to find a suitable photograph of the individual quote author so the reader has perhaps a better feel for the effort of the writer. Sometimes reading, thinking about and understanding that which the author of a quotation has attempted to say will enlighten the reader with a boost to their day.  There was a focused endeavor to choose the best from so many thousands of carefully constructed “Quotes” from inspiring individuals the world over. I do hope you will enjoy these works!  By the way, the word “Pauper” in the title of this Book is not meant to be defamatory to anyone in this publication. The term refers to the Author and only to the Author. Everyone else is held in a respectfully higher position. For a Future edition of these works, I invite Any reader who is so inclined to send your “original quotation” along with a personal photo to the Author at the following email address: Barry Howard Begley bhbegley@gmail.com The Quotation must be your own original thought, it must be short and to the point, and it must NOT contain any foul or profane language. It is preferable that your “Quotation” will leave the reader of the work uplifted in a thought provoking way! 

Thank You.  

Barry Howard Begley

FLAT EARTH: are you serious?



FLAT EARTH is a very touchy subject amongst most of the population. Most people will NOT even take a look at it. It takes an open minded individual with a lot of curiosity to immerse themselves in this topic. It is a very Deep “Rabbit Hole” so if you are not committed to seeing it through then Do Not even broach the subject.  When I first bumped into the subject of the possibility of a Flat Earth in early January of 2016, I really did not even want to give it the time of day. I mean really. We ALL know that we live on a Spherical Ball Earth that spins at about 1000 miles per hour on a tilted axis of 23.4 degrees,…… right?  We have been told that the Earth revolves around the Sun at some 66.6 thousand miles per hour and that the Sun speeds through Space at some 500,000 miles per hour. That is reasonable, isn’t it ?  I personally was so skeptical of this nonsense of a Flat Earth that I could hardly bring myself to even glance under the rug to see what was there. My thinking at that time was that it seemed to me to be a huge waste of resources. None-the-less there was something about the subject matter that did intrigue me and as such I made the decision to give a look see for JUST ONE DAY.  I would commit to a time allotment of one day, then when nothing materialized, the topic would be closed for evermore and I could get on with Life in an area of research that made more sense. This Book, my Friends, is about that one Day and how my journey snowballed from that day in early January 2016 to the present time in mid 2017 as these thoughts are being fixed in stone. Enjoy the journey with me, and hang on for the ride of your Life !  

Barry Howard Begley

CANCER: is there a better way?



Ten years ago since the writing of this Book on Cancer, the “Love of My Life” came down with Multiple Sclerosis, which led to Diabetes and Cancer. This to a gal who never had a sick day in her entire life. Her Life and mine were turned upside down. We felt, at that time, that we were at the mercy of the entire “Medical System”. It was a frightening experience for the patient as well as the caregiver. In 2007 we both believed that the Doctors and the medical establishment in general new that which was best for the patient and that their directions must be followed without hesitation and without question. After a stint of some 5 ½ months in one of the larger and very modern Hospitals in Ontario Canada, Brenda was getting No Better and in fact conditions seemed to be worsening. She was released from the Hospital to come home under 24 hours a day care because the Medical System could do no more to improve her health. We made the decision together to research her condition and how Nature dealt with disease and WHY the body becomes diseased in the first place. I have been on a personal mission ever since to learn as much as I could about Nature’s way of healing the human Body, Mind and Spirit. Now, please do not misunderstand me here; I am Not bashing the Medical System or being ungrateful for all of the help and kindnesses that we received by caring Doctors and Nurses that dedicate their lives in this noble profession. I am saying that I am NOT a Medical Professional and that I do NOT give advice on any health or disease conditions. You, the Reader, should consult with a licensed health care professional before changing any diet or exercise regime or taking any types of medication (Natural or otherwise). I have Not discovered a Cure for Cancer BUT I may have Discovered the Discoveries. I truly Hope for you, the Reader, that this Book will be a journey of Discovery and you come out the other end of this Publication with an increased knowledge base that just might prove helpful in your life and the lives of your family and friends. My only Advice is to do your own homework.  Use this Book as a stepping stone to seek out other researchers that can add to your new found knowledge base. Question everything.  Accept nothing as absolute without doing your own investigative research first.  

May God Bless and Keep You !

Barry Howard Begley  

The MYSTERY at Cripple Creek Mn.



This Publication, while a work of fiction in a Mystery format has many undertones. The READER would be wise after completing the Book, going back over it a second time and performing research on a number of the comments and suggestions by the characters involved. Many of the beliefs and standards of the characters in this Book have a considerable merit when applied to the everyday private lives of the Reader and/or the family & friends of the reader. The Benefits could have enormous implications to ALL concerned. 

Enjoy the BOOK ! 

Barry Howard Begley  

911: the Enemy Within


While the events of 9/11 manifested themselves more than 17 years ago from this writing, it would seem that a researcher/writer oft-times stumbles on to New evidence that was missed or not noticed initially.

Such is the case here.

When one holds up an event for examination using the yard stick of “Who Benefits” or “Follow the Money” it is surprising what can scurry out from under the rug.

For those READERS who believe that the events of September 11th 2001 in New York City, in Washington D.C. and in Shanksville Pennsylvania were as the U.S. Government’s 9/11 Commission & Report suggest, then YOU, my friend, probably believe that President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman!

This Crime (and it was a massive Crime) has many multiple layers like peeling an onion. You think you have got to the bottom of things only to find, over time, that there is yet another layer or more.

APOLLO 11: Fact or Fiction ?



The APOLLO 11 Moon Landing is a point in History that all of us who were alive at the time have burned into our subconscious memory.

There were three periods in recent history where nearly everyone who was alive at the time knew exactly where they were and what they were doing.

When JFK was shot …

When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon.

When the Twin Towers were struck on 9/11 …

These dates are indelible, aren’t they? 

Only at the point where we start to look at the evidence, piece by piece and eventually in the totality of it all, does a much different picture of the “Truth” emerge.

Do many of Us ever think to examine these assumptions one at a time and attempt to test their validity?

Do we just accept this on blind faith that scientists who are supposedly smarter than we are said so?

Perhaps questioning that which we normally assume, might be a good place to start, wouldn’t you say?  


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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My latest effort on this site is page number seven which is entitled "WHAT IF". The information contained on this page is not so much for the average person; unless they have come to an understanding of the concepts in my publications which are sold on Amazon. This work will be added to as time permits. 

All of these Pages are fluid and will be updated and changed continuously.

Enjoy !

Barry Howard Begley

verse for thought

Little Cabin in the Woods

T'is my "Little Cabin in the Woods"
That which gives me peace and splendour
Located at 1221 Station Main
It is where aspirations of the day come to surrender

Simplicity itself is found within
For that which is needed is far less than wanted
Less equals more
Is still foreign and daunted

If FREEDOM is linked to less so Devine
Then this is the ultimate
For scarcity is sublime
T'is my "Little Cabin in the Woods"


                                                    b.h. begley

                                                    (November 2016)




(& the Rad Mini fold-able e-Bike)

Me Thinks I NEED this e-Bike

As much as it NEEDS me

For Together

We shall set each other FREE.

                               b. h. Begley

                                    July 28th 2018